Futurify your cameras to do more by leveraging AI and Machine Learning

Simulating human intelligence by unlocking the potential of video data & analytics through proprietary Deep Learning AI for scalability, security, and actionable business intelligence

AI based 


AI based video analytics for creating advanced processing algorithms into videos for actionable intelligence to detect humans, vehicles, objects, attributes, and events, to control access, monitor footfall, and to predict and identify potential threats

Intelligent Decisioning

Real-Time video insights to bolster data-driven analytics by blending data, rules and predictive analysis to help businesses make informed decisions faster for operational processes, customer data & behaviors to improve product development and customer experience through business intelligence dashboard

Predictive Maintenance

Robust AI architecture to recognize, detect and mitigate failures through real-time monitoring with automated and customizable alerts. Predictive Maintenance helps in optimizing operations and lowering the down-time by preventing potential interruptions in operations, processes, services, or systems



Real-time process-tracking through machine vision cameras improve efficiency and productivity in industrial processes to eliminate human error, reduce business costs, improve accuracy & consistency along with fast development & delivery, and swift real-time feedback system 

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What We Do

We are amongst the leading Computer Vision AI companies in the country. With our proprietary Deep Learning techniques, we generate data which hitherto provides extraordinary opportunities for businesses to eke out operational efficiencies, increase output, improve client experience with reduced costs

Facial Recognition 


From employee attendance and tracking & monitoring employee

productivity, to detecting a blacklisted person, our facial recognition  solution goes a long way in real time identification & authentication to improve anti-spoofing capabilities with the help of AI based video analytics

Object Detection and tracking toolkit

Detecting intrusion, loitering, weapons, or dangerous objects, and situations like fire, road blockage / treefall, vehicle identification & classification, automatic number plate recognition combined with robust AI tracking methodologies for real-time response generation for streamlined workflow, reducing wastage and increased efficiencies

Health & Safety Compliance toolkit

From detecting safety gear, PPE, use of correct equipment, and health hazards like fire, low lighting, or spillage to alert triggers on non-compliance, harness the benefit of artificial intelligence for predictive maintenance, and complying to a safe working environment deploying Artificial intelligence based analytics and alerts

Security toolkit

Generate data to put an end to all types of security breaches with the help of AI based surveillance with zero room for error. We develop customized solutions for intrusion detection, line detection, crowd formation, entry / exit restriction, detecting movement in restricted areas, vehicle seal detection using your existing CCTV set-up.

Footfall Monitoring toolkit

Deploy our latest technology of video data & analytics for measuring footfall, heatmaps, mapping density and hotspot areas to adapt to the retail behavior and optimize business operations, drive growth, and ensure safety & security at the workplace leveraging on Real-Time video insights.

Bay Analytics toolkit

Monitor all metrics for productivity viz, truck load optimization, turnaround time, docks’ utilization, and load planning decisions to arrive at maximum efficiency, lowered costs, and identifying any kind of manhandling or misconduct. Any violations or deviations are captured and notified immediately for remedial measures.

Productivity toolkit

Boost your workplace productivity by generating insights on space &
machinery utilization, measuring man hours, run-time vs idle time, and
create an automated inspection system, keeping an eye out for damage and pilferage by analyzing the whole premises using computer vision. We generate relevant insights for real-time feedback on workers’ efficiency and collecting useful productivity data

Drone Based AI

With the blend of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, our drone plus AI solutions with advanced camera and sensor technology transforms work operations by ensuring not just perimeter security, inspection and
surveillance, but also by detecting spillage, leaks, and damages, along with inventory analytics, and intra-logistics.

Gesture / emotion analytics 

Our activity & gesture detection toolkit for performance boost to extract and predict the movements, anomaly detection, and action localization with high detection rate and low processing time. Our emotion analytics solutions help marketer modify offerings based on previously ‘unseen’ feedback loops

Here's How Assert AI Can Benefit Your Business


Real Time Alerts

Resource Productivity

Objects / People Tracking
Access Control
Business Savings

About Us

If you were asked to name certain things that you’d find in a warehouse, you can mention things like Forklifts, Trucks, Service Carts, Cranes, and Workers in a blink of an eye. However, it is possible because humans are gifted with a pair of eyes and a brain that quickly processes the visual input subconsciously. At Assert AI, we empower the computers with a pair of eyes that never sleep and a program to process the visual inputs and identify & process things simulating a human vision, sans human error.

Assert AI is one of the trailblazers of computer vision- SaaS Company in India, providing artificial intelligence based video analytics solutions for every type of business, enterprise or corporation. Our performance-oriented organization runs on a customer centric approach. We build customizable and result-oriented AI solutions to enable our clients make giant strides in efficiency and data-based decision analytics.

Till date we have delivered 50+ unique applications to Large Corporates , SMEs and Government enterprises. Assert AI takes pride in being a groundbreaking solution provider in countless domains, be it retail, manufacturing units, warehousing, traffic management, logistics & supply chains, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, you name it.

We are enthusiastic engineers, developers and coders who work on Deep Learning AI to improve the way you run your business through disruptive innovation. We love problems, and more than that, we love solving them. Our business goals are aligned with yours. We want to minimize your business challenges and optimize your employee performance. Advantaged to create custom-made AI algorithms for you, we develop the best next-gen products & services so you can have a pair of eyes that never sleep.

Board of Directors


Nitin Jain

Nitin Jain is a serial entrepreneur with a passion to create value for the entire startup ecosystem. He is scaling Assert AI with a vision to become the largest player in the Computer Vision domain.

An IIT Bombay alumnus, Nitin is ex-Head - Western India Operations, OYO Rooms, was also the Founder-CEO of Machadalo, which was covered by NDTV Unicorn, ET Now, Times Now, VC Circle and YourStory. Nitin also founded Infolitics in 2006, an information research and analytics firm and established and managed two research and analytics functions from scratch.


Job philip

Job is the co-founder of Assert AI. He spent 14 years working on investment strategy in the financial sector, including positions at ICICI Venture, Kotak Mahindra and Yes Bank.

Job left investing in 2019 to explore his passion for AI-human collaboration and has loved everyday since. Job has an MBA from IIM Lucknow and a BTech from IIT Bombay.

He is a racket sports freak. When he is not working, he is mostly on a tennis court.



Prashant Purker, our Non Executive Director, is ex MD & CEO of ICICI Venture. He has over 30 years of varied experience in Private Equity, Capital Markets, Technology and Banking.

He is a graduate of IIT Kanpur and a rank holder from IIM Ahmedabad. He has served as Director on the boards of more than 25 Indian and overseas companies.



Shalabh is a leader of innovation in the data, analytics and AI/ML space. In his role with LatentView Analytics, for over 10 years he has worked with and advised Fortune 500 brands on their data and growth strategy across Retail, CPG, Automotive and Technology verticals.

He is helping Assert define and activate its global Go-To-Market strategy. Shalabh is also an avid hiker and an outdoor enthusiast, he has climbed multiple peaks in the Himalayas, the Rockies, and the Andes.


Our Clients

Why us


Our AI based features have been developed for fast, error-free and high quality service. Be it precision & accuracy, or the wide range of uses, Assert AI stands unrivaled.

Fast & Simple Process

Our computer vision algorithms can replace humans and perform repetitive and monotonous tasks faster to help you cut down on your operational costs.


Be it competence, expanse, or dynamism; Assert AI solutions work tirelessly to ensure your streamlined workflow, uninterrupted e-surveillance and irreproachable solution.

Cost Effective

Companies do not have to spend money on fixing their flawed processes because computer vision will leave no room for faulty
products and services.

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Whether you're looking for video intelligence, insights or have an idea for working together, or need help getting started — we'd love to hear from you.

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