Warehouse management be it of manual processes or automated workflows is a demanding domain. Warehouse automation with the help of latest technological tools and techniques help you give a wide berth to redundant tasks, dependencies, & human errors. Our warehouse management system not only effectively ensures the compliance of various SOPs but also sends real-time alerts on anomalies that can otherwise hamper productivity, security or quality.
Inventory management in warehousing


Leveraging your existing infrastructure, our AI algorithms can seamlessly connect to your cameras directly to monitor the facility in real-time
Our video analytics can run facial recognition, detect and count people, animals, vehicles or objects, carry out automatic number plate reading, and detect PPE and safety gears, human intrusion and fire or other hazardous incidents
Get real-time process-tracking, trucks turnaround time recording, docks utilization, fork lift utilization, workforce utilization, automatic packet counting, anomaly detection and triggering alerts for any deviation from standard process


Fully automate your product assembly and management processes to maximize your productivity at a manufacturing unit with agile CCTV and drone cameras through AI vision, real-time Video Analytics and alerts. From image and video processing in manufacturing industry and computer vision for predictive maintenance to assembly lines and much more- harness the power of artificial intelligence to analyse your facility remotely in real-time.
Manufacturing Health and safety compliance industrial use


Deploy our customizable AI powered CCTV and drone cameras to extract the data that makes an impact, such as all movements, actions and inactions, deter anomaly, crime, failures and mishaps
Get relevant, real-time insights and alerts like fire detection, intrusion detection, employee time spent on an equipment, safety gear and PPE compliance, facial recognition and access control in restricted areas, automatic packet counting, dock utilization, quality checks, predictive maintenance, yard management, obstructions, overloading and mishandling of goods and machinery
Reduce or eliminate down time through 24 hour monitoring system at minimal maintenance cost, detect process condition variation to maintain consistent product quality, increase productivity and reduce man hours and dependency


Computer vision in retail has boundless potential. Brands are now using computer vision retail analytics to get shopper measurement, automate their processes and better their inventory management through AI. With the help of artificial intelligence, specifically computer vision; you can now entirely study consumer behavior in retail industry to transform customer journey and experience.
person detection in retail industry 


Deploy our customizable AI powered CCTV to extract the data that makes an impact. Track not just customer movement, behavior, and patterns but also record the movement of goods & workforce into the store for accurate inventory, shelfing, and people management
Identify hot spots for a better store layout to improve stock visibility, record, study & remember customer behavior to optimize your marketing campaigns, and bridge the gap between a physical and online store to create an omni-channel retail experience
Create a digitized retail landscape for your customers and your business with the help of geofencing, reduce queues though self-checkouts, and augmented reality (AR) to let customers try on items virtually, and timely detect suspicious behaviour to create a safe shopping environment

Traffic and Parking Management

AI-based video analytics is converting the traditional systems of transport management in to Advanced Intelligent Traffic and parking management systems. Migrate to more sophisticated technologies by deploying smart camera for traffic control, toll plaza and parking management for automation in traffic and parking systemsDeploy features like speeding detection, automatic number plate recognition, automated ticketing, vehicle counting, illegal parking, red light violation detection, smart vehicle routing, blind spot analysis, automated parking spot status, security and visitor management and demand-based parking pricing. This is one of the most in-demand AI solutions for smart cities and traffic automation system.


Smart Roads and Smart Cities
Artificial Intelligence helps in designing integrated roadways based on smart systems and IoT. Smart roads help in improving road safety, reducing delays in traffic, make driving safer, are efficient & in-line with government objectives
Traffic Automation System
Installing smart traffic solutions within the infrastructure with features like AI-enabled CCTV cameras to capture drivers & commuters breaking laws, and automated number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras for generating e-challans sent electronically to violators to facilitate a convenient, smooth & safer road experience for drivers
Parking Automation System
AI-based sensors used to analyze parking vacancy help in more efficient parking management. The Intelligent parking management system works on constant real-time data collection. The system helps to make the process of car parking more efficient & less complex


There has been an unprecedented progress in computer vision in the sphere of healthcare and it has demonstrated huge potential in extracting insights data with the help of AI techniques. Our AL powered healthcare solutions are programmed to improve patient care, increase healthcare efficiency and automate work processes. Embrace AI for automation in healthcare to improve operational management, surgical procedure accuracy and assistance, automated patient vitals monitoring, identify anomalous vital signs and send alert to the concerned doctor for consultation, patient posture detection, patient fall, ward monitoring, occupancy check, identifying unauthorized personnnel, and overall security and detecting crowd formation. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are also vulnerable to fire hazards. Our Machine Learning AI algorithm detects fire and triggers an alert before anyone else does. Imagine a hospital where you don't rely on a person to call Code Blue and Code Red.     

How Will it help

Automate Inspection 
Computer vision in the sphere of automation of workflows, inspections & security help in PPE Detection, Object & Person Detection and Tracking, Access Control via Facial recognition, Doctor/Nurse Availability, Intrusion Detection, Footfall  through AI algorithms
Diagnostics & Precision
Medical procedures whether carried out by health practitioners or technicians can be tricky and a slight deviation from the plan can cause adverse events. Automated monitoring & real-time feedback and guidance during diagnosis and procedures lead to accuracy
Patient Monitoring
Identify anomalous vital signs and alert the right doctors for consultation, Track Patient Wait Time, Recognize a posture and send a warning to caregiver for assistance and more- these use cases are immensely functional for critical and bed-ridden patients
B keeping
For repetitive processes such as therapeutic & diagnostic procedures and dialysis etc, computer vision can help in keeping the record of not just procedure accuracy but also the cycle count. This use case is specifically functional for medical franchises and therapy centers