Scope of Artificial Intelligence in Retail
AI has huge scope in the retail industry wherein AI can give you details about at customers like age, gender, peak hours, number of customers visiting your shop or mall every day, time spent by customers, etc. This data is very vital for any retail store or mall as this data helps the retailer or mall operator in understanding customer behavior. Following article discusses how mall operators are getting customer data using AI.

CES 2020: Mark Cuban is betting big on AI; urges entrepreneurs to do the same

t Assert AI, we have been tackling problems around security, customer insights, asset tracking and utilization, SOP adherence etc through artificial intelligence. It is only a matter of time when AI solutions are widely adopted in India.
CES 2020: Mark Cuban’s message to entrepreneurs – learn, invest in AI or risk becoming a dinosaur.“If any of you are entrepreneurs or in the business world and if you don’t know AI, then you’re the equivalent of somebody in 1999 saying, “Yeah, I’m sure this internet thing will be okay, but I don’t give a shit.” It’s the same thing,” he said.“If you want to be relevant in business and understand all this discussion about AI, you have to do it or else you will be a dinosaur very quickly. There’s going to be ‘AI haves’ and ‘AI have-nots’, and if you are an ‘AI have-not’, then you might as well just rip out all the computers in your office and throw away your phones, because that’s how impactful it will be,” he added.

COVID19 – AI Solution for Social Distancing and Face Mask detection
The above image highlights our AI based solution to make industries restart. The solution works on video feeds from existing CCTV set-up. With our AI solution, we could provide real-time alerts on deviations around social distancing and PPE norms along with a dashboard incorporating violations and providing index on compliance around physical distancing. We could also integrate with other set-ups (thermal cameras, if any) providing one-stop solution for COVID-19 related compliance monitoring. While we may gradually go back to work, but as the virus threat around transmission is real, we are doing our best to use AI to adhere to Government SOP norms around PPE, social distancing etc and to keep employees safe and healthy.